The Travelling Cake Addict

25 September 2011

Paradise Cove, Hawaii

"Aloooooohhhaaa! and welcome to Paradise cove!" cue the drums, flame dancers and grass skirts.
I recall watching a episode of Anthony Bourdains No Reservations. I'm surprised that he even went
to such a touristy trap. But wait he did enjoy...he drank and even took part in the festivities. It couldnt be all that bad?

Island Girl Went Surfing..

Ive said a few times that I see myself as an Island girl. I know its a contradicton as i'm a city girl living in a busy London town, born and bread to survive in a concrete jungle and adapted to cold dreary weather conditions. I do love my city, it is home afterall, however I do believe that somewhere in my past life I was an Island Girl living lovely near the ocean and sunshine.

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