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25 September 2011

Paradise Cove, Hawaii

"Aloooooohhhaaa! and welcome to Paradise cove!" cue the drums, flame dancers and grass skirts.
I recall watching a episode of Anthony Bourdains No Reservations. I'm surprised that he even went
to such a touristy trap. But wait he did enjoy...he drank and even took part in the festivities. It couldnt be all that bad?

When in Hawaii, a traditional Luau is a must. A party on the beach with food and entertainment...whats not to like? I admit there are alot of  companies that cater for mass tourists, but if you are up for a little bit of fun and good food I say Paradise Cove is a fantastic choice. Less than an hour away from Waikiki, Paradise cove couldnt be any more beautiful. If you blur out the mounds of tourists, the picture perfect waters and sunset is idyllic. Upon arrival, there are lots of pre show activities like learning how to hula or making fresh lei's. They also have rituals like the showering of flowers, where a guy climbs up a palm tree and shower the guests with pretty orchids and flowers, a hukilau on the beach and a special ceremony unearthing the Kaluha pig that had been roasting in a pit for the big feast.

The food was actually really really good. The hot and cold buffet had a big selection of fresh salads and delicious traditional hawaiian grinds like ahi tuna, poke and even poi (looks like light purple wallpaper paste made of pulped taro) which tasted...ok....haha, at least I gave it a go! The Kaluha pig was really yummy and tender and there was lots of it to go round! They even served dessert (my favorite part) of fresh pineapples and a delicious coconut vanilla cake.

The show was entertaining, pretty music and really talented dancers. There are a bunch of hunky cute guys that was dancing too which make it extra enjoyable to watch. The hula dancers were beautiful and graceful, they made me want to learn how to hula professionally (maybe I could get a job there haha).

The Luau cost $110, this includes hotel pick up and drop off, fresh lei necklace and drink vouchers. If you do visit this lovely please, be sure to bring form of ID if you wish to be served alcholic beverages. Oh and be sure to try get pictures with the hot island boys from the Luau (I sure did - I want me an island boy!!).

ALOHA!! I found an island boy!!

Mahalo nui loa Paradise Cove. A hui hou kakou.
Thank you very much Paradise Cove. Until we meet again.

Paradise Cove Website


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