The Travelling Cake Addict

5 January 2010

I am an Island Girl*

In a nutshell*
1983 baby | London | Filipina | Traveller | Foodie | Spiritual | Wanderer | Cake addict

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step,a thirst for life and an empty tummy.
— Lao Tzu & Me

a wanderer, searching for life's little poetry. I am in lust with travelling and food. Adventures and feeding my healthy appetite is essential for my sanity. I belong to a big tribe of wonderful people. I would kill to have a job on shows like Globe Trekker or take over Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations. I am a Cake Addict trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I believe I was an island girl* in my past life. I have found solace in writing.

My name is Char

i*nom | i*Wonder
I am not a professional writer. This is my little sanctum to keep memories of where i*nom and where i*wonder to. This is my open book, relaxed and personal documentaries of my travels, foodie adventures and pretty much anything that pops into my head.

The i*nom Creed
*To try and be impeccable. Saving the shit talk (oops) for elsewhere.
*I represent my Countries (Philippines & England) to the world.
*Try and give everything a go (to the best of my ability)
*Try and see as much of this beautiful world
*Never limit myself to impossibilities. I can...I will.
*To always shine love and light.


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