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11 January 2010

The World in a Bowl of Noodle Soup*

Location - Bangkok, Thailand
Photos by - Me

Wandering through the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market really excited my tastebuds. The atmosphere was a shock to my system. I remember the hallucinating flurry of tourists mixing with the mid morning heat was a little intense. At first glance, it was all a bit much to absorb. Ive never really seen anything like this before. Whilst sitting in a small boat paddled by a cute old lady wearing a straw hat, we was met with other paddle boats and old ladies selling a rainbow of things..from garments, fans and fresh fruit to bbq meat and sticky rice desserts. I had to remember not to leave my fingers hanging out of the boat, thats if one wanted to avoid having their fingertips amputated by the many paddle boats passing (more like scraping) by.

Suddenly I felt my tummy crying out for attention. All these wonderful foods being flashed in my face didnt help. We had no idea what or where to sit and eat. There was food and drink all over the place. There was all sorts of delicious smells tempting us in all directions until a lady surrounded by pots, pans and hidden tasty secrets called out for us from her little paddle boat selling noodle soup. Who knew something so simple and small would turn out to be the best noodle soup ive ever had! EVER! NOM* indeed.

This simple yet satisfying soup really did the trick. At 25p a bowl (YES HELLA CHEAP!) it was refreshingly light and amazingly packed with so much flavour. It simply consisted of flat rice noodles, pork, boiled egg and sprouts, topped off with a mindblowing aromatic broth! I didnt expect much from first glance, but boy did I enjoy that fantabulous bowl of goodness! This little bowl pretty much summed up my recent trip to SE Asia. Simple. Unexpected. Surprising. Fun.

This definatley had the Nom* factor.


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