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14 January 2010

Monkey Java*

Location - Bali Indonesia
Photos by: Me

Coffee lover? Java Addict? Starbucks and Peets enthusiast?
Ever tried Kopi Luwak? Poop Coffee? Its so good!!

During my trip to Bali, we visited a coffee and cocoa plantation in Ubud which is 1 hour away from Nusa Dua. Overlooking the rice hills and a waterfall, it was a perfect and serene setting to enjoy a hot steaming cuppa (or shall I say several cuppas). We had a taste session of all the coffees, teas and cocoa that they harvest from the plantation. This included coffee with ginseng, Balinese coffee, Ginger tea & hot cocoa along with a DIY help yourself box of rolling tobacco. The smells coming from this place was amazing! They roast their coffee beans on the plantation and even harvest their own cinnamon.

We were then given a cup of Kopi Luwak. One of the most expensive coffees in the world with an average selling price of $100 - $600 per lb!! I never realised how coffee could taste so different. This coffee was very smooth, light and slightly fruity. It had a tart taste but I think that may be because the Balinese drink their coffee straight and rarely with milk! Now let me tell you why its expensive…Basically the beans are carefully selected and hand picked, not by human hands but by MONKEY hands! They pick only the finest coffee berries and then eat them! They are unable to digest the bean or the seed, so they excrete (yes poop) the coffee beans out. Can you imagine my thoughts as I hesitantly took a sip? I was put at ease after they told me that the beans have a protective shell that is removed during the cleaning process before roasting. This along with a tobacco roll up in the cool hills of Bali was definitely a wonderful experience. I did however, leave the plantation feeling very giddy and hyper and unable to fall asleep that evening lol.

I raise my mug to Monkey Poop Coffee!! I mean Kopi Luwak!


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