The Travelling Cake Addict

16 January 2010

Kitchen & Pantry*

Location - Kitchen and Pantry, Notting Hill, 14 Elgin Crescent, London, W11 2HX.
Kitchen and Pantry

Rainy Saturdays. Windy Saturdays. Normally a sign you should stay at home, hibernate and stay warm. Oh…not for me! I realised I was wayy to early for work and luckily I stumbled accross the Kitchen & Pantry. I’ve been here numerous of times..but usually with people.

Now I’m sitting here enjoying a hot cup of cocoa (I’m detoxing off coffee for a little) and a pain au chocolat. Simple but so worthy of an praise and hallelujah chorus. Its just what I needed this morning.

Unspoiled by the usual modern square decor…the Kitchen and pantry is very warm relaxed and almost home like. Large oak vintage tables and old beat up leather sofas to share. Even blocks of wood to act as tables. The food. Simple. Uncomplicated and yummy. From the pastries to the sandwiches. Hot drink selection great too. A great little cafe for catching up and staying warm in Londons terrible winter. Plus!!! The motown music is just perfect!

I’m ready to start my day.


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