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9 August 2011

Rewind: Asia Trip - Bali, Indonesia

A little step closer to Nirvana.
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I was a little sad to leave Bangkok so quickly, six days seemed to go by fast, but our journey wasn't over just yet. We had a super early flight to Bali via Air Asia (who are amazing by the way - convenient and affordable). Both tired and slightly cranky, we arrived 4 and a half hours later in Denpensar Bali. Totally a different atmosphere compared to Bali. The air was less thick and not as busy. One thing that I remember clearly was the welcome to Bali sign and right below was a warning "Death penalty for those who carry drugs to Bali"!

We got our visas at immigration. The 7 day visa cost $10 but I recently heard they no longer have it for 7 days but you can get 30 days for $25, make sure to have some dollars when you arrive. They will stick a pretty blue visa in your passport and you are on your way! Before we headed to the taxi booth we changed some money at the bureau de change. I was shocked that $60 dollars bought me 500,000 Rupiah! We was millionaires for a week!(kinda sorta lol). A taxi from the airport to Nusa Dua cost us about 300,000 Rupiah and took about 30 minutes.
The Ramada Resort Benoa Bali was a sight for sore tired eyes. It was idyllic, peaceful and so welcoming. We got a free refreshing juice drink and a little hibiscus flower and even escorted to the room which had  pool view. It was extremely easy to relax and adapt to our lazy and serene surroundings. The hotel was on the beach and also had freshwater pools with gazebos. There was an on site spa, where I got a half day package which cost £30! and a big buffet style restaurant which had really good food daily. I didn't want to leave the resort at all! Seeing as we had a short week in Bali we took up a day tour which included lunch and dinner with entertainment. For about £25 we had a private tour with a driver and an English speaking guide. We pretty much went everywhere, my favourite places was the rice terraces in Ubud and the coffee plantation where we tried the really pricey Coffee Luwak. I remember leaving the plantation uber hyper off the coffee samples we tasted. The tour lasted 13 hours and we managed to see a lot of culture, temples and nature, really worth it.

We had a day at the beach nearby our hotel. Geger beach was a secluded cove that had cliffs in the distance, the bluest water and white glimmery sand. This is my kind of solace. I am an island girl after all!  The sun was at its hottest and I decided to have a massage under the sun with aromatic oils on the beautiful as it was, I fell asleep forgetting I was covered in oil in the sun. Not a great combo as I was red like a lobster for the rest of the day. Lesson learned. WEAR SPF.

Another memorable moment was snorkeling in the sea. I was a little scared to just dive in at first but it was an amazing experience, right up until the guide let go of bread crumbs and a swarm of fish rushed towards me LOL. We also did a tour to Turtle Island and went on a glass bottom boat before we lazed by the pool with a cocktail...oh yes very busy day indeed!

The food in Bali was very different from Thai cuisine. It was almost like Filipino food, with a hint of Indian, Thai and Malaysian. A cultural melting pot of interesting flavours. A must try is the Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice with an egg on top), Babi Guling (suckling pig) and Massaman Beef Curry. YUM! The best restaurant we went to was Bumbu Bali in Nusa Dua. You can read about it in my old post.

Bali was a perfect way to wind down after a whirlwind trip. It is very much a peaceful and spiritual place. I did a lot of mind clearing and thinking (good thinking) there. I do recommend this place for newlyweds and couples as it also has that romantic and lovey dovey feel. One day I'll return to this bright and colourful Island. My ideal place to soul search and recharge.

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joan / the backpack chronicles said...

never been to bali before or any other country for that matter. Hope I will be able to go there as well in the near future. Cheers to more future travels to both of us!!

~Char said...

@joan Thank you for your comment! Its lovely in Bali...serene and calm. Yes heres to more future travels!

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