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19 March 2010

Abe's Farm*

Location - Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines.
Photos by - Me

Rewind to October 16th 2009. My birthday, which I celebrated back home in the Philippines last year. My jet setting Uncle loves to entertain us "visitors" and one popular place he likes to bring us to is Abe's Farm. He treated me out for lunch. Only a 30 minute drive from Angeles Pampanga, you reach a huge gated "Farm", beautifully green and fresh in contrast to the busy city outside its walls.

Abe's is a beautifully preserved piece of land, housing vintage hideaway huts, restaurant and also home to a Nurture spa branch. It was an absolute breath of fresh air compared to the dusty hustle in the city. Who knew such a simple and un touched place existed literally 30 minutes away from our house in the city!

The main building is where you can have traditional Filipino meals in such a vintage setting. Old classic furniture's made of bamboo are scattered in and around the restaurant and fine net shutters letting in fresh air and not a glass window in sight. The meal itself was lovely, we had a few selection of Filipino classics like Baboy Sinigang (pork sour soup/stew) and sizzling sisig (finely chopped pork and liver) and to finish we had a refreshing Halo Halo (iced dessert). Everything is fresh and tasty and in such a peaceful setting, I almost forgot where I was and what day it was.

They also have accommodation where you can stay for the weekend or overnight. The simple huts are all air conditioned with en suite bathrooms and amazing views of the Mountain Arayat nearby. They also have old traditional huts made with wood and straw roofs. These huts can actually be booked but they are very antique.

For the spa addicts, there is a fantastic spa on site called Nurture Spa. They have a few branches all over Philippines particularly in Tagaytay. They have beautiful outside Gazebos for exotic foot spas and huts for massage and body treatments. My Uncle treated me to a foot spa and it was so peaceful and relaxing. A perfect lunchtime treat for my birthday.

Unfortunately they have no website but for more information you can call the Abe Restaurant on (02)856-0526.


Mhel said...

wow! didn't know that Abe's got a farm/resto.... There's Abe @ Trinoma Mall. with Filipino vintage settings. But the farm is better i guess.....

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