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28 April 2010

Around the World with Green Tea Frapuccino*

Location: San Francisco, Philippines, Bangkok, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong.
Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

Photos by: Me

The sun has finally made its presence, and although it isn't that warm enough for light sweaters or sandals, you can most definitely take advantage of thirst quenchers like fruit smoothies and frappuccinos.

"Skinny mocha frap, no whip, extra blended please!" the usual choice of frap. I've tried most of the coffee frap options and to be honest...they almost all taste alike. But in Asia, its a different story! I get excited thinking about the different flavoured fraps they have on offer. They even have fraps with coffee jelly and sagu (tapioca balls), all displayed on boards with pictures to show you what they look like.

On my recent travels, the "frap of the trip" was the Green Tea Frappuccino, a creamy, sweet, matcha flavour, brightly coloured green tea frap. The colour may throw some people off, but I immediately was seduced by it. I remember having it way back when during a visit to San Francisco. Its a great alternative to coffee and great for those who likes sweet vanilla type flavours. It's one of those fond memories that I have from my trip to South East Asia last year. I non intentionally had a Green Tea Frap in each of the places I visited, Bangkok, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and The Philippines! Starbucks is EVERYWHERE, even hidden in and around the corners of places you would least expect.

One sip will transport me back to those amazing places and remind me of what I did that day to deserve a Green Tea Frap. Just sitting in the middle of the unfamiliar and the unknown, people watching and realising how far I am away from home.


Lani said...

This is really an acquired taste. I love green tea, but as a frap... I don't know >_0

Paul said...

Green tea frap always reminds me of SF, I got addicted to them last year! Was actually talking about it, and why they don't have it here, with someone at work.

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