The Travelling Cake Addict

30 April 2010

The Diner*

Location - The Diner - 64-66 Chamberlayne Rd, Kensal Rise, NW10, 3JJ.

Photos by - My Blackberry.

Full stack of fluffy pancakes, crispy salty rashers, towering burgers, hearty breakfasts and thick creamy shakes. This is what an American style diner is all about. Over sized plates and enough food to pass you into a coma. Before The Diner opened in London, I could only crave and reminisce about the Denny's, Pork Store Cafe and Lori's diners in San Francisco.

The Diner lives up to its name by serving classic American diner foods as well as transporting you to the 60s with its classic decor, seating and music. If you are ultra hungry, this is the best place to satisfy as the portions are hearty. They serve most dishes in the traditional baskets like they did in Happy Days and have american Frenches mustard at the ready, alongside other table condements. The shakes are a must, they even have Adult shakes as well as juicy cocktails. The menu spoils you for choice, this is normally an issue every time I go there. My recent trip I got a taco salad (sexiest salad alive!!), corn dog and a coconut shake.

They are the best Diner in London.


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