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12 May 2010

Knickerbocker Glory*

Location - Marine Ices - 8 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London, NW3 2BL.

Photos by - Me & My Berry.

Banana Splits, large wafer cones, Sundaes, Hundreds and Thousand sprinkles and lots of whipped cream. These bring me back to circa 90s summertime, sticky from the melting Mr Whippys and brain freezes from the large Sundaes oozing with strawberry syrup and crumbled Cadbury flakes. Summer seems to be creeping up on us now, which is much welcomed. We can swap thick woolly jumpers with light cardigans, umbrellas with sunglasses and hot cups of tea with icy frappuccinos.

Brother P* took me to Marine Ices for dinner, which is a stones throw from Chalk Farm station and a very short bus ride to Camden Market. Its also an Italian restaurant serving stone baked pizzas and a large selection of pastas. The interior is quite old and feels like a cafe/restaurant you would find in provincial Italy, I really liked the huge amount of autographs mounted on the walls which where signed from celebrities that have dined there. Surprisingly for a Wednesday evening it was busy! The waiters were quick with service and the food delivered was rustic hearty goodness.

Frito Misto Benedetto - Deep fried King Prawns, Squid and Whitebait with Chips.

The best part of the whole entire meal was dessert (of course). Don't you just love it when you get a nostalgic feeling from a certain smell, familiar place or from food? I got the Knickerbocker Glory*, I'm sure most of you London babies have had one of these? A towering glass full of ice cream, fruit, syrup, whipped cream and a crispy wafer fan. Its not fancy or pretty at all, but it is certainly delicious and refreshing. I was reminded of sleepovers with my cousin in East London and the trips to Wimpy just for their Knickerbocker Glory* and Sundaes. I miss those days of adolescence, being carefree with no responsibility or worries. I finished my Knickerbocker Glory, sticky fingers and and brain freeze included lol.


*Brother P - Brother from another mother, iNom* taxi driver and foodie


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