The Travelling Cake Addict

24 May 2010

Wonderful Patisserie*

Location: Wonderful Patisserie - Hyde House Annex, The Hyde, Edgware Road, NW9 6LH. (Colindale)
Photos by: Me my Berry.

Hi my name is Char...and I am a cake addict....

I am most definitely a cake person. I love all things cake, all things with icing and all things sweet (well most things). Wonderful patisserie are well known for their fresh cream cakes topped off with fresh exotic fruit. They have vanilla, strawberry and even pandan flavored cakes. I look forward to birthdays...(even if it isn't my own birthday!) just so I can have a slice of these sinful yet light and refreshing fruity cakes.

They have a branch in China Town, right in the heart of London, recently Big P took me to Wonderful Patisserie near to my work in North West London, Colindale. Complete with a cafe/restaurant, they have a large selection of sweet cakes and savory buns like Char siu bao and mung bean pastries. AND to my heavenly surprise they sell freshly made mochi!!! All different flavours like coffee, strawberry, chocolate, taro and pandan!!! I haven't come across anywhere in London that does good mochi, but now Wonderful Patisserie have won me over and now is a source of my intermittent sweet chewy cravings for Mochi...Now all I need is to find me a place that does ice cream mochi!.

The restaurant is OK, not your typical "Chinese" restaurant though. They offer a mix of oriental cuisines such as Japanese, Malaysian and Thai as well as Cantonese food. I've had better, but it still was yummy and good enough to line the tummy for extra helpings of cake and mochi for dessert. ALSO they sell the BEST Japanese cheesecake....a must try! Much lighter than your usual cheesecake and without a crust base. Just fluffy, creamy, light melt-in-your mouth goodness. It costs £4.70 for the cheesecake...but its really worth it!!


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