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28 May 2010

Froyo & Burrito*

The Prince Albert Pub, Notting Hill
Mr. Pretzel - Snog Frozen Yoghurt
Wahaca, Westfield.

Photos by: Me and My Berry.

I have been blessed with great friends, I thank the Creator everyday for giving me such amazing people with big characters and personalities. I'm lucky because all of my friends are "foodies" and "foodinistas" its very easy to feed my blog with "Nom" adventures. Friends and laughter are always the best condiments to a delicious meal.

I had a food day with Mer & Jim*. A very memorable day full of great news, happy tears and tons and tons of giggles...oh and of course not forgetting the food! We started off at The Prince Albert for lunch, seeing as it was a Saturday they didn't have Roasts on the in the end we settled for a creamy shepherds pie and 2 steaks with chips and veg. After a filling meaty meal I craved for something sweet (as I always do!). I went for the Eton Mess, which is a messy concoction of crumbly sweet meringue, freshly whipped cream, fresh strawberries and strawberry puree. THEN as if it wasn't indulgent enough they added scoops of vanilla bean ice cream! HOLY CRAP it was good...oh so good! Who thought something so messy and simple could be that devilishly sexy.

Eton Mess at The Prince Albert Pub

After rolling out of the pub we ended up going to Westfields to stay out of the rain and to satisfy pretzel cravings. It was Mer and Jim's first time to try Mr Pretzels, the warm sugar and cinnamon went well with frozen yoghurt from Snog. I had a Green Tea and regular frozen yoghurt with fresh mango, strawberries and....Jim's random need for Oreos...not my preferred choice haha. After our dessert...we had a good walk around the mall (shopping centre to us Brits lol) and it didn't take too long to start planning what to have for Dinner (more food? yes indeed).

We ended up in Wahaca. Noted as one of the best cheap eats in London, they serve affordable Mexican street food classics like tostadas, taquitos and enchiladas as well as main dishes like grilled fish and carne asada. In my opinion the BEST Mexican I've had in London by far! I had a mouth watering scallop and prawn ceviche on tostadas which was refreshing and spicy with habanero chili. The pulled pork burrito was stuffed with tasty onion pickles, habanero chili, rice, re fried beans and other good yummy stuff. Its was the best tasting burrito I've had in London. The menu was ultra impressive as they served things I had only seen on food travel shows like No Reservations. They had traditional Mole (pron. Molay), Cactus tacos, ceviche, and drinks like Aguas Frescas (Hibiscus Water) and Horchata. I really liked the atmosphere and the staff were very friendly and relaxed, plus was the play list they had on was a happy mix of reggae, Latin, salsa and upbeat raga (which made me want to dance lol).

Aguas Frescas (Hibiscus Flower Juice)
Scallop and Prawn Ceviche Tostadas
Slow Cooked Pork & Pink Picked Onions with Habanero (and nachos on the side!)

A memorable day ended with laughs, hugs and full up bellies.
*Mer and Jim my foodie bestfriends.

Where its at?
The Prince Albert Pub - 11 Pembridge Road, London, W11 3HQ.
Mr Pretzel & Snog Frozen Yoghurt- Westfields London.
Wahaca - Westfield London
Website | Menu


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm gonna have to take you to my burrito place next time we're out and about. BEST burritos this side of the atlantic dude - I kid you not!

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