The Travelling Cake Addict

31 May 2010

Pacific Plaza* Wembley

Location: Pacific Plaza - Engineers Way, Middlesex, HA9 0EG.

Photos by: Me and My Berry.

**thank you Ate Lani for letting me know about this place!!

For all you Londoners who was familiar with Oriental City in Colindale before it sadly shut...I have news! They have now re opened in Wembley! Just a stones throw from Wembley Arena and situated in a quiet retail park. Now called Pacific Plaza, I believe it is owned by the same people from Oriental City. There are not many vendors or stalls in the food court just yet, but they have a few exciting ones to choose from. They also have a Japanese baker and a supermarket that will be opening on the ground floor.

On my first visit with P and ading Z, I had Charsiu and Crispy pork on Lo Mien, which tasted quite yummy. Portion sizes are quite deceiving though, at first it did not look so much but I didn't end up finishing it! I also had TAKOYAKI!! Crispy and fluffy balls with a piece of octopus in the middle! The last time I had this was  was in SM mall in the Philippines. It was so good with the mayo and tangy brown sauce! I washed this all down with a Passion fruit bubble tea! NOM*

So far they have Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Korean vendors! I cant wait to see more and more pop up!! Maybe even a Filipino stand? I have a feeling we will be visiting this food court place often!

WARNING!: There is no cash machine on site at the moment. Bring cash! Only the Japanese store takes cards.


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