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4 June 2010

Hot Korean*

Location: Hot Korean - Pacific Plaza - Wembley.

Photos by: Me and My Berry.


My tolerance for spicy food has definitely changed over the years, I never opted for anything that could burn my tongue, but recently I've realised how much I've converted into a chili enthusiast.

I love Korean food, I had the best Korean meal with good friends in San Francisco years back and ever since I've been craving for it. I haven't really been to any Korean restaurants in London as they seem a little far and expensive....and also not many of my friends have tried it. I was ecstatic that Pacific Plaza have a Korean stall, and even more happy that they sold dishes that I found difficult to find in London!!

I had a beef Bibimbap served in a traditional hot dolsot (stone pot). Its a very traditional Korean dish, with rice and julienne vegetables with either beef, seafood or fish and a raw egg yolk in the middle. I was excited hearing the rice crackle and hiss from the hot stone pot. Then you mix the hot chili sauce in and mix it all up! It was so filling and very yummy!! I also treated myself to Kimchijeon (Kimchi savory pancake) with seafood. It was really good too..maybe a little greasy but still tasty! And again to wash it all down I had a Milk Tea bubble. Nom*.

Beef Bibimbap in stone pot
Kimchijeon (Kimchi and seafood pancake)
Bubble Milk Tea

As I predicted Pacific Plaza will be a common feature on iNom* haha.

Jal Meokkesseumnida!!
(Bon Appetite in Korean)


~Lisa~ said...

Hey Char! I love your Korean (= I've been to London in College and you're right about Korean food, its $$$ and not very much to choose from. I recall they used to charge for all the ban chahn (side dishes) that usually comes with a Korean meal. It looks like you found a great little joint to enjoy Korean food!

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