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5 March 2011

Sittin on the dock of the Bay

Rewind: Bay Area November 2010.

The Bay Bridge by the Ferry Market Building in Embarcadero
I can truly say that I left my heart in San Francisco. A place that I have been, returned and wanted to stay. One of those places where I can come back and pick up on old friendships and even make new ones along the way. Its my second home away from home (Philippines being the first of course) where I feel I can just be. Not a lost tourist or visitor...but part of the electric yet chilled back tribe. Accepted like a local and made to feel as if it is my home too.

My last visit was probably one of the best trips Ive had to the Bay. I saw family, my best friends and even an ex boyfriend! I spent quality time with my god daughter, watched Pacquiao do us Filipinos proud (yet again), had the most amazing food and even had time to get somewhat intoxicated by the lethal free pour tumbler shots of Patron. Beautiful bridges have been made with these special people in San Francisco. I am fortunate to know such an amazing, inspiring and fun individuals. I envy the way (most) people look at life out there. They seem to have such a friendly and confident approach to life. Honest and true to themselves and not afraid to live and let go! Something I've tried to apply to my own life. I have learnt an important lesson from them.

I visited a few amazing places and eating spots. One memorable place was the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate park with my friend Connie. It was a beautiful small piece of calm in the middle of the urban city. I also visited a delicious Ice Creamery called Fentons with my closest friends. They had the most amazing sundaes ever! You may recognise it from the Pixar movie UP. Another memorable time was when I took the Cal Train (kinda like the national rail) from San Francisco to meet my cousin Nonna and her family in Salinas, which is 2 hours away from the city. It was an interesting trip and most of my family thought I was crazy to commute with a very heavy suitcase in tow. But a Londoner, public transport is easy. I was happy to make the journey to spend time with my cousin. It was our first time to be together outside of the Philippines.

Its quite hard to sum up my trip there in one blog. So I will let the photos do the talking. I doubt it will be long till I return again. I miss San Francisco and all of the people I love out there!

Union Square view from Macys Cheesecake Factory

THE BEST EVER!! Red Velvet Cheesecake. It was love at first bite.

Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

If you know the movie UP then you will get this picture!

A hella fat bastard from Ikes place


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