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11 September 2011

Cousin Shorts' Honolulu Tour

Photos by Me.
Enoa Tours Website

"Alooohaa, you can call me Cousin Shorts"...really? I remember thinking why he was called shorts, is that his real name? He did look like a Joe Pesci wearing a Aloha shirt. I'm still wondering why his name is Shorts! Either way, Cousin Shorts definitely felt like family towards the end of the day tour. If you ever go on a tour in Oahu, Cousin Shorts from Enoa Tours is your man.
A group day tour with Enoa cost about $80. A bargain for all things you see, experience and learn. Cousin shorts took us all over the place and was amazed with all the knowledge he had about pretty much everything. We also did a separate morning tour of Pearl harbour which was less than $30 each.
I will keep it simple and just show you rather than tell you! This is just a selection of all the beautiful sights I saw that day.

Pali Lookout! Hella windy on this mountain top!
Hanauma Bay
The Blowhole
Byodo In Temple
China Mans Hat
Lava formations
Sunset Beach
Waimea Valley waterfall. To get to this point theres a 30 min incline walk. Beautiful.
Famous pinapple plantation
Famous Dole Whip (melted so fast!) really sweet but yummy!

Mahalo Cousin Shorts!


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