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11 September 2011

Hanauma Bay

Photos by me.
Hanauma Bay Website

Hanauma Bay is one of my favorite places in Hawaii. A perfect little beach with lots of beautiful coral and sea life. A great opportunity to do some snorkeling and actually see fishes! At first glance, the beautiful golden sand against the clear blue sea and the foamy white waves crashing against the cliffs is truly magical. Definitley a sight for sore eyes for an Island girl that lives in the concrete jungle. Places like these really reminds you how far you are from home.
Hanauma is easy to get to from Waikiki. You can take the public bus number 22 directly to the Bay. There is an entry fee (less than $10) and before going down to the Bay everyone has to watch a 20 minute documentary, explaining the history and upkeep of the marine life. It shows people what to do and what not to do with the sea life that is abundant in these waters and also how to be careful around the sharp corals. Hanauma bay preserves the marine life that is almost non existent in tourist busy beaches like Waikiki. Very far from the busy hotels and shopping centres, Hanauma's curved bay is surrounded by beautifully carved cliffs and hills. The best time to go is early in the morning (before lunchtime) as it can get a little busy from visitors and tourists.

Little steep hill down to the bay
After a rain shower
There is a little shop that sells snacks and beverages before you go down the hill towards the beach. Try get your drinks and snacks before you head down, its a steep little hill so to save you the journey buy beforehand as there's no shops on the actual beach.

Bring your snorkel gear! or there is a rental shack on the beach.

Don't step on the coral, be careful where you step as it can be extremely sharp!


P said...

...and don't forget, it's closed on Tuesday's.

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